We have you covered for Small Claims in Southern California

The Remco Difference
How We Collect

Attorney’s: Are not collectors, proven that they charge for status updates, filing up to a year or more and NOT allowed in small claims court to prosecute. Also do not collect judgment, just win judgments.

The 40/60 Split
How it Benefits You

If you have a case against an individual or a business and have been unsuccessful in the recovery of your funds, we can enforce collections on your judgment or new case for Small Claims.

Investigative Services

Collections heavily depends on gaining information on the individual/business for each one of your cases. All of our staff are trained in Investigative Services with over 40 years experience.

The Difference. We out collect 4 to 1

Attorney’s: Can be very expensive and are typically not collectors. They depend on you to make the hard decisions in your case. They charge for updates on the process. We don’t.

Phone Collections: They spend all day trying to get you to voluntarily pay over the phone. This only works about 10-20% of the time. Phone collections has no leverage against assets. We do- with a judgment.

Us: We collect your money 4 to 1 against the competition. For every $1 dollar you spend we will collect $4. We know this because we file your small claims case which gives us leverage to operate through the court and the rest has to do with our excellent collection team. You send the case. We do the rest

Have you been taken advantage of?
Small Claims may be the ideal solution for you if:

Breach Of Contract (Oral or Written)
Bad Payment
Homeowners Association Dues
Security Landlord Refusal To Reimburse
Refusal To Pay Repairs Or Medical Expenses
Store Refusal To Fix Or Replace Items

Automobile Repair Or Damages
Tenant Causes Damages To Property
Refusal To Pay Back Loan
Financially Taken Advantage Of
Personal Injury (Dog Bite, Accident)
Financially Taken Advantage Of

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