If you have a case against an individual or a business and have been unsuccessful in the recovery of your funds, we can enforce collections on your judgment or new case for Small Claims.

  • Zero upfront costs to collect
  • We pay all the court fees that are necessary to collect the account
  • We will investigate the account to locate the party including asset information
  • Online account status updates on the collection process for your cases
The undersigned hereby agrees to transfer and assign for collection recovery by REMCO Business Services, Inc.(REMCO) together with all assignor rights, title, and interest therein for collection only. Assignor hereby grants unto REMCO full power to collect, bring legal action and discharge same. The fee will be 40% of the total monies collected. NO COLLECTION, NO CHARGE. The fee applies whether the debtor pays assignor or assignee. REMCO is authorized to endorse any and all negotiable instruments received by us in payment of any of these claims. REMCO is granted the authority to settle claims as they see fit where they feel it is in the best interest of the assignor.
Assignor agrees to hold REMCO harmless for any actions, direct or indirect, taken by assignor prior to assignment of any account to REMCO. REMCO agrees to hold assignor harmless for any action, direct or indirect, it takes after the assignment of the account to REMCO for collections.
All legal costs and attorney fees which are advanced by REMCO will be recovered out of the first monies collected, even if the account is settled for less than the full amount due. All accrued interest collected after placement will be retained by REMCO. Claims assigned in the future will be subject to these same terms and conditions unless superseded by a more recent contract. Assignor agrees to place accounts with REMCO for a minimum of eighteen (18) months. If the account is receiving funds as a result of collection efforts exercised by REMCO the account is
not available for recall. If an account is in a non-paying status, the account can be recalled however not before the eighteen (18) month period has expired. Should an account be recalled before the expiration of the eighteen (18) month period, there shall be a charge in the amount of $375.00 to reimburse REMCO for labor and expenses incurred while attempting to collect said account. Claims settled by the assignor during the process of collection will be subject to the 40-60 terms as stated above.

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Remco Collections manages and facilitates in collecting debt that is owed to you. Established in 2009, we are proud to say we have collected over $10 million dollars for our clients. We use state of the art technology to track your cases and give you the most current status updates on all of your cases. We are able to help your business recover debts that belong to your business.

Here at Remco Collections, we believe it is about two thingsā€¦.Information and leverage. We abide by FDCPA Regulations. We have a strategy for every individual case that comes into this office to collect on. Call us today!

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