Collections heavily depends on gaining information on the individual/business for each one of your cases. All of our staff are trained in Investigative Services with over 40 years experience. We locate assets to enforce your judgment, locate defendants to serve legal process, and gain knowledge to get the best possible results to collect your money. We will find the answers you seek. Call us today to find out how. To start your skip trace today fill out form. We will call you to gather further information and to accept payment.

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Remco Collections manages and facilitates in collecting debt that is owed to you. Established in 2009, we are proud to say we have collected over $10 million dollars for our clients. We use state of the art technology to track your cases and give you the most current status updates on all of your cases. We are able to help your business recover debts that belong to your business.

Here at Remco Collections, we believe it is about two things….Information and leverage. We abide by FDCPA Regulations. We have a strategy for every individual case that comes into this office to collect on. Call us today!

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