I am amazed at the speed at which REMCO has been able to skip trace and find the delinquent owners current address and sometimes even their work!. They find out and serve almost immediately. Usually within two weeks from the time REMCO receives the file, the owner is located, court papers are filed, and they are served. My Boards are very happy.

Desiree N
Condominium Management Services-CMS

“Our association had several former owners that were delinquent; their condo had been foreclosed upon by a bank and they skipped town. We needed help locating these debtors and serving court papers. Remco’s staff successfully filed documents and within weeks he got us on the small claims court docket with the case. They have yet to lose a case in court for us yet. In some cases, they have negotiated payment plans. Our board is happy to recommend Remco Business Services.”

Rich B
Villas II- Ramona, California